What We’re About

We are passionate about enabling young people of all abilities to explore and experience everything that life has to offer. We do this through actively embracing positive risk, as we believe there is no limit to what our guests can experience and achieve. We are a social and travel company who aim to lead the movement that breaks down the stigma around disabilities, that advocates for inclusion and that empowers and supports people to live any life they choose!

Who We Cater For

Stellar is a leading provider of social, recreational and community participation opportunities for 16-35 year olds with mild to moderate disabilities and mental health conditions.

Our unique, real life experiences are specifically tailored for this age group and promote capacity building in a fun, safe, supportive and age-appropriate setting.

Who We are

The Stellar Experiences staff are professional, experienced and skilled in working with young people with disabilities. We are highly committed to providing a safe, supportive environment so every guest can feel comfortable to be themselves and have the best experience possible.

Get to know Bronte!

Bronte completed a Bachelor of Inclusive Education and Disability Studies in 2016 at the Australian Catholic University. During her studies she commenced work within the disability sector, where she worked as a senior support worker. Bronte has worked across a variety of adults and children’s programs including Vacation Care, accommodation, day program and the School Leaver Employment Supports program. These experiences have enabled Bronte to acquire a diverse set of skills and drive her passion for working within the disability sector. In her spare time Bronte enjoys travelling, hanging out with friends and keeping active.

Get to know Luke!

Luke completed a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education at the University of Wollongong in 2012, before teaching in various special education units both in the UK and Australia. More recently Luke has been working in the disability sector, where he has managed a variety of adults and children’s programs. He has a genuine passion for working in this sector, which fuels his dedication for enabling all young people to experience all there is to life. In his spare time Luke enjoys spending time with friends and family, going camping and following a variety of sports.

What We Value

Inclusiveness and Empowerment

Providing endless opportunities for young people with disabilities to access all aspects of their community. Breaking down perceived barriers of what people with disabilities cannot do, and empowering our guests to independently and actively engage in each and every part of life they choose.

Respect and Trust

Respecting every guest’s right to make their own decisions, and to live life the way they choose. Developing a high degree of trust and rapport with both our guests and their families or carers through our professional, caring service. Providing families and carers with the confidence and peace of mind that we are providing a safe, respectful, supportive experience that is meeting all of their loved one’s needs.

Friendship and Community

One of the greatest things our guests will take from our experiences is lasting friendships and the opportunity to be part of a community of friendly, like-minded others. Our guests will experience a deep sense of belonging and connectedness both with the Stellar and wider communities, which will last long after an experience itself has ended.

Fun and Happiness

Every one of our experiences is built around having fun and being happy. We greatly value our guest’s input and decision-making surrounding what they want to achieve and experience. There is an overwhelming sense of freedom and independence that comes with utter happiness that we want all of our guests to experience. Life is an awesome adventure; we enable our guests to be part of the experience!

Stellar Experiences is not an NDIS registered provider.

NDIS funds can however be utilised for self-managed or plan-managed participants.

Self-management or plan-managed funding can create greater flexibility in the the supports you can access that will help you achieve your goals.

NDIA-managed participants can still access Stellar Experiences through fee for service payments.

Our experienced staff can help you understand your NDIS plan. Get in touch with us today for more information!