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Stellar Stays

Shell Cove Illawarra

Located in Shell Cove, just south of Wollongong, our immersive independent living program is available for any of our Sydney (South) guests who are keen to learn valuable life skills to use in everyday life.

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Introducing Stellar Stays Shell Cove

Independent Living

Stellars success in supporting our guests build independent living skills through our 1:1 supports and group programs (such as cooking and nutrition, navigation relationships and Stellar Brothers and Sisters) has inspired the creation of an immersive independent living program! Our core values of inclusiveness and empowerment, friendship and community, fun and happiness, respect and trust underpin our Stellar Stays program design and delivery.

Fully Supported

Stellar Stays is an independent living program like no other, with our guests goals to live independently front of mind we have outlined 5 key learning areas that address the skills required to live independently and incorporated a staggered learning approach over 3 modules. Each module has a set of specific outcomes related to our key learning areas, supported progression through each module will encourage our guests to build a strong foundational skill set and increased self confidence. Learning areas and outcomes will be explored through fun, interactive and engaging workshops.

Key Learning Areas

Independent Living Skills

Help guests build the skills required to live independently, have a clear understanding of how to stay safe while living independently and identify their immediate supports to do so successfully.

Health & Wellbeing

Help guests develop habits that support their physical and mental wellbeing as well as navigating big life changes and manage stresses.

Financial Literacy

Help guests understand financial foundations and build skills that underpin being financially responsible.

Social Connection

Provide opportunities for guests to develop strong and positive connections and the tools to navigate shared living arrangements. Help guests establish their support network and recognition when they may need to reach out for support.

Sense of Identity

Help guests develop a positive and consistent view of who they are, their strengths, capabilities and goals.

Some Questions Answered

What are the costs and Inclusions?2023-03-23T15:43:23+11:00

The program cost for the full four days is $3750. This is fully inclusive of accommodation, meals, transport, activities as well as of course the program delivery and support provided including subsequent reports, feedback and recommendations.

How is it funded?2023-03-23T15:43:02+11:00

Stellar Stays can be claimed under Short Term Accommodation (STA), which comes of Core Support funding. This would allow guests to claim the full cost of the program using NDIS funds.

If a guest would like to reduce the NDIS component of the cost, and pay for some of the program out of pocket then this is completely possible. In such cases we could work with each guest to arrange a payment option that suits their individual circumstances.

As well as Core Supports, Capacity Building funding categories can also be used, which include category 09 – Increased Social and Community Participation, and category 15 – Improved Daily Living Skills. Again we will work with each guest to ensure we have developed a payment option that suits their needs.

What is the staffing ratio?2023-03-23T15:42:35+11:00

The program is staffed at a 1:2 ratio, allowing for far more focused and individualised support throughout the program as well as more detailed and valid feedback and assessment. There would always be 2 staff present in the program from 8am-10pm, with one staff on site at all times from 10pm-8am for the sleepover shift.

What do they need to bring?2023-03-23T15:42:10+11:00

Guests will just need to bring their own clothes and toiletries, as well as anything they might like to make their room feel more comfortable and homely for themselves.

Where will they be staying?2023-03-23T15:41:39+11:00

Our new Stellar HQ in Shell Cove is fully equipped to provide a realistic and immersive independent living program. There are 4 bedrooms set up and ready for our guests to make their own during their stay, a fully stocked kitchen and social areas. Staff will be present for the entire duration of the stay and the office is located in a safe neighbourhood with the required security measures in place.

How is module placement and progression decided?2023-03-23T15:41:23+11:00

All guests will complete module 1 for their first intake, we will partner them up with guests with similar interests and lifestyles. During the registration process guests will complete an ingoing assessment to help us identify their current skill level, during their stay staff will be completing thorough assessments, guests will reflect on what they have learned and their confidence in the new skill after each activity and reflect on their achievements in the program as a whole.

The program manager will then review the ingoing, outgoing and staff assessments and provide a well informed review to the families/care givers and Stellar area managers to ensure ongoing support and success for our guests. Recommendations that may come in the review can include 1:1 support focuses, involvement in our group programs, repetition of the module or progression into the next one and things you might like to try at home.

What is notion and why do I need an account?2023-03-23T15:41:05+11:00

We are really excited about using notion as a safe and secure way to share the guests experience with you in real time. Each guest will be set up with a notion profile prior to their stay, staff will then be updating this profile daily with photos and descriptions of what each guests has achieved and learned during their stay! The parents/ care givers that you have identified you would like to have access to the profile will be kept in the loop in real time through these profiles. You will receive straightforward instructions on how to get set up for this prior to the guests stay.

Notion is a secure platform that we trust to keep our guests profiles safe.

Is the program adaptable for all abilities?2023-03-23T15:40:44+11:00

YES! This is achievable through our 1:2 staffing ratio and well trained staff. Our staff have undergone in depth training to adapt all resources and workshops to be delivered in the best way for each guest. In addition to our staffing ratio, we have an abundance of resources and workshops created addressing each key learning area and outcome to chose from when designing each intakes tailored itinerary of activities. Our ingoing assessment also provides us valuable information to allow us to adapt the program.

What if who I am best matched with is not available on the same dates?2023-03-23T15:40:20+11:00

During our intake process we will be focusing on creating cohesive intake groups based on skill levels, lifestyle and personality. Not only for an enjoyable Stellar Stays experience but with the hope that guests may find other guests they could potentially move out with in the future. If during this process we identify guests we think would be well matched together but have not indicated they are available on the same dates, we will reach out to both families and work together to see if we can find alternative dates that work for all involved.

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